New Year 2010

On the eve of the new year, it was all quiet. Everyone seemed to have their own plans and thus, there was no outing. The only significant thing was the dinner with Jasmine at Farrar Park. She told me she was alone but lying was certainly part of Singaporeans’ lives. It was probably the first time I heard vulgarities throughout the night. After she went home to dismount her ladylike clothes, she turned from a tomboyish girl to much more mature and refined lady. I was finally entertained after the dinner for a while before they went to find their friend. My stomach was not well and that since it was late, I left after waiting for some time.

On the first day of the new year, I delegated most of my time on the “quit smoking” website.

The second day saw me struggle with debugging; I was quite frustrated since the codes were written more than two years ago and somehow the way I programmed was too unique. In the late afternoon, I played Command and Conquer with my younger brother to avenge our defeat a day ago.

Then we went for a jog towards Labrador Park. It was a grave choice to choose to cross over the road at the T-Junction joining Bukit Purmei, where the traffic lights almost killed me; I was frustrated. It was my second visit to the park but I did not go towards the fishing area. The place looked ordinary to me except that the stretch of path along the water was an ideal background for portrait photography. As we walked further away, I was deeply attracted by the picture of natural beauty, such as the coral. The sunset built lighting too magnificent for the most romantic evening. I never knew Singapore could be so fantastic. We took bus 408 to Harbourfront bus interchange to wait for mum for dinner.

On the third day of the year, I woke up late after sleep for around eight hours, missing my favourite show “Plan A” for the third time. Before I could do much, my younger brother tempted me for a game before we set off for a swim at Mount Faber Safra. The pool was quite packed and we had to swim zip-zag directions. It was the first time I swam slowly and thus could eventually complete thirty-five laps. I realised I had been racing too much with Gilbert in the past.

After reaching home, I continued with the packing of the cupboard and finally, one slot was free, but I put some unused ring files inside temporary before I could clear my wardrobe. There were actually many things that could be thrown away, but I was too sentimental somehow. We went to my mum’s friend house to pass the old lady something at International Plaza. Once the door was opened, the air gasp towards us and it was a heavenly place in the humid Singapore island. The scenery was great as well for it was facing the office buildings, at the Lao Pa Sat direction. Then, we went for dinner at the small food court besides the MRT station. We proceeded to the “Once upon a milkshake” shop to purchase a heavenly ice-cream milkshake, which was times better than MacDonald’s.

My elder brother returned from Malaysia to sum up the weekend.


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