One of My Worst Volleyball Days

I started off my Thursday morning with the usual work’s arrow but I managed to shield myself with the lesson at Bukit Batok. There was, however, an issue with my battle against time since I could not do anything else while replying all the SMSes. I could have set off earlier so as to reduce the suffering on my feet.

The morning was a torment at times though some of the students were quite cute. It was draining but I managed to endure the entire session with Magdalene.

We went for lunch at the “duck place” at Clementi and were lucky to bang into Zaki, Eunice and Joy. I enjoyed their company a lot. I had a plate of chicken rice.

The afternoon saw the stirring of my brain juice, racking my brain so hard to think of some of the points for Afni to take note upon her return during my reservist weeks to handle the workshop. My heart was unease since I had been doing almost all the jobs for my partners for the entire week and there were certainly things that were too frequent to let them take note of.

I spent the rest of the time to settle the PowerPoint slides for Alvin before doing my personal things. I grabbed two sandwiches and a “mai gai”, together with a cup of tea from the canteen auntie, keeping my stomach filled before the volleyball game in the evening. In fact, I was trying to keep myself awake by eating.

I managed to debug a serious issue in the quit smoking website, followed by some smaller errors that I had made. Before I went down for volleyball, I remembered I had not filled up my timesheet and that began some minutes of tough work for my hand.

I went down for volleyball at around 7.30pm. Mr Peh was warming-up alone and I was quite shocked over the timeliness of the rest. When uncle Jiaming arrived, I started setting up the equipments with him. Someone else took care the net and poles.

The game started all good for me. I scored points in both spiking and servicing the ball. However, situations started changing as I did not get any single chance to spike. The worst problem was to play on the same side with arrogant person who was not fit to play the game in term of attitude. A lousy player who tried to push blames to others, and screaming at own teammates, was a shame to his years of volleyball experience. Given his height, Mingfa and I would have joined the national team. It seemed like everyone had given up trying to correct him, helpless to stop him from living in his own world of fantasy.

I was very badly affected. The sad fact of volleyball game flashed throughout the night, though not obvious to everyone. Due to height problem, having proven the worthiness was useless. The opponents were probably smiling within themselves for the loss of a threat. I went into the court for my last game unwillingly and my performance showed everything. As Jingkun was leaving, I joined him and he dropped me near Jurong East MRT station.


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