Passed Final Theory

I never thought I could do it.

I spent last Saturday battling with Facebook over the five hundred plus photos taken during the camp, and at night, I went to have a nice jog. I was too over-confident over myself for the one Sunday was not enough to study, unless, I was not at home to get distracted. I did not take Monday morning off to study at home, whereas, I had to do relief duties to lose more than half of the time.

I had my lunch packeted into the staff room so that I could multi-task. The weather was hot and I was wet by the time I reached the MRT. In my fatigue, I almost took the wrong train but managed to hop out of it before the doors closed. The walk from Bukit Gombak MRT towards the Bukit Batok Driving Centre was long. My mind was unclear somehow. I forgot what documents I was supposed to bring along for the test and I was not sure of the classroom as well. I sat outside classroom 1 and dozed off without further studying.

I supposed most of the bangalas who took basic theory did not pass and thus, the room was filled with mostly, Singaporeans. The seats besides me were empty at first. At the end of the briefing, an old uncle took the one on my left and started grumbling like as if the world owed him money. He had also applied some weird smelling oil that almost killed me through my nose. While I was double-checking my answers, many people left, including the babe sitting diagonally across me. I was shocked when the annoying uncle left his seat with a “PASSED” on the touch-screen LCD monitor. I kept telling myself I should never lose to him.

I was not very confident of some of my answers and one of them was even a guess. I knew I had done my best for probably not many people had gone through the questions twice like me. I clicked the submit button and I knew my effort paid.

Strangely, I was not very excited over my success.


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