Table Tennis with My Favourites and Dinner with the Oldies

Early in the Monday morning, I was shot again. During lunch time, I went to the office to realise everyone was not meeting out for lunch. Sometimes I just wondered if I should just start joining others instead of having to wait and even being informed of unavailability last minute. There would not be many chances for me to dine with others, including the students. In fact, I did not mind packing the lunchbox back to the office every day.

I was quite lucky that Joy was free and thus we went to Clementi Central together. I learned more about the post office from her. Then, we crossed over the road over Clementi Town Secondary side for a quick bite.

It was quite a good afternoon for I spent quite some time near the PE room playing table tennis with my favourite class. When the ball fell into the drain, I tried to reach for it but it was too deep and my shirt got into contact with the ground. The concern of them, especially Jiali, made me feel fortunate. The last survivors were Boon Peng and Criz. I was destroyed easily in my slippery shoes.

After reaching home, I took a little bit of my mum’s bon bon cha cha before I washed myself up. I missed the bus 80 right exactly in front of me across the road and I felt stupid for checking the IRIS website. I met up with Irwin at the arcade at Vivocity. Then, Huiling joined us, followed by Tingfeng. Tingfeng suggested Dian Xiao Er but somehow we switched over to the White Dog Café, which seemed to be a better choice.

Eugene was late since he had some miscommunication with Irwin, thinking that we were meeting at Bugis instead. I had a plate of tradition fish and chips, and it came in three long pieces, given a smaller diameter, easily to be consumed than other restaurants’. The taste was good as well.

I wanted to talk to Eugene but I was not sure if the rest of them knew about his recent trouble, and thus I kept it within me. When they started talking about food and travelling, I felt like I just came back from ancient. When Irwin tried to get me involved by telling Tingfeng I wanted to get a DSLR camera, I seemed to turn into a caveman from his replies.

The problem of communication lay on me for I was not bothered to keep myself updated with news, not even my hobby – photography. I was never a food craver, neither an experienced traveller. I was too different from most people.

The manager quite scared me with her fussiness about the slightest arrangement of the tables. We stayed inside the restaurant for very long and left after 10pm.


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