The Shit had Begun Again

A message in the early morning foiled my plan. I was not really expecting it again. The second relief lesson of the first week almost killed me for it was very last-minute at the hour of 8am. It was probably back to the same old shit; just one of the many reasons I wanted to leave. Of course, things were not as bad since my studies were over and that my workload had also decreased.

As one of my new year resolutions was to get my stomach well, I asked my mum to go to see the Chinese physician to help me collect another set of medicine. Somehow, some people might be laughing over why others were taking medical leave so that I would have to cover the duties, whereas I did not even want to voice out that I needed medication as well. It was all for I had less duty and it was inevitable that I spoke no word.

I had walked deeper into the maze. For all the enthusiasm to work harder on my dreams, my plan was foiled by my decision to repay the kind debt. I felt so pressured when my boss was trying even harder to help me.

I hated seeing young ignorant brads burning their parents’ money away and for all I could guess, some of them were even receiving bursary or other relief. These people made life stink and killed the enthusiasm of many kind souls. Grant me a pistol and freedom to do anything, and I would enjoy my work greatly.

How about some stupid projects that was totally meaningless? How about some work that I was even told not to mention to anyone just because nobody was supposed to help and yet I was tasked to do? The hatred wrote sleepiness on my face and they exhausted me badly.

“I thought you wanted to quit and why are you still here? Your words are bullshit.”

One of the worst things I had anticipated appeared. I was speechless because I saw myself having big talks too often over this. Four times per year, I tortured myself.

In the afternoon, I realised I could no longer catch up with my breath. It was my nature to help the kind souls but I could no longer afford the time anymore.


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