Year 2010 New Year Resolution

Quit being a lecturer
Since more than a year ago, I wanted to leave for hundreds of reasons. It has been accumulating.

Find a stable job
It is time to get a stable job to have a stable income while striving for my future.

Get driving license
Many people are born with silver spoons and they can start getting their license once they reach the age limit; I cannot. Given time, I do not have the money; given the budget, I do not have the time.

Turn into inspiring site
Life is a learning experience. I live through the hard way, and it will be nice to let people learn something out of finding out my life.

Get up
This project has halted too long since more than two years ago. This is a little effort I can contribute to the society.

Get sCreative company up
A joint effort proposed by Irwin; something that can push and prove my capability in my desire to work on something major in my life.

Up 10 websites/blogs in total
A little race against Mike; an ambitious goal being set to place myself in a financially stable stage of life.

Get rid of big fish tank
The big bulky tank with two crazy tortoises splashing disgusting water out of from the top, heating up the electricity bill with the big plump and forever-on light, it shall be removed from my tiny packed messy house. It is placed just besides me with the irritating sound of dripping water. This is not my house; it was my father’s house.

Get rid of two birds on ecstasy
Two crazy small gayish parrots chirping in the middle of the night in the darkness have gone over my limit. My elder brother sought no consent before bringing them home; again, leaving them in the living room.

Heal stomach
The Chinese physician says that it is harder for stomach to get healed than other parts of body. I continue to get bloated right after eating. I have to keep going back to replenish my medicine, and avoid spicy and any food that is hard to be digested.

Jog 40 times
I need to keep myself healthy and I need to see more babes at all the beautiful destinations.

Sleep before 1am daily
For more than half of my life I’m destroying myself.


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