College West BNS Farewell BBQ

[Saturday, 27 February, 2010]
Saturday morning, I woke up late. It was not long before I started dozing off again and a dream terrorized me. My elder brother brought many drunk friends home to house them in the middle of the night and I was furious. I woke up with my chest feeling uncomfortable.
I went to see the Chinese physician at around 2.30pm. I was amazed when she told me the details of my tongue was more visible and thus she could see that my stomach’s issue was recovering. She warned me not to take too much of the plum product even though it could help my stomach a lot, because it was too salty.
I went to Zaki’s place at Parc Emily, reaching there at 3.40pm. Nobody else had reached. Zaki vacuumed his place before we went down to set up the barbecue stuffs. I went for a swim with Elvin later but he was not ready for a long swim. I finished seventeen laps inside the very well maintained pool, and had to stop in the next lap due to the heavy meal I took before that.
Joy’s son, Jerome, was my delight of the night. Magdalene managed to heat up his enthusiasm. Weitat could have kidnapped him if only he was confident enough to carry little kids.
I went for a last dip into the pool, completing another two laps with Zaki before ending the party. Carrying the leftover stuffs up to the studio apartment strained myself more. The remaining of them had a few rounds of Wii game. The night ended earlier than I had expected. I was exhausted. I stay behind a little longer than the rest with Zaki and Siti. After that, Zaki sent me home on his way to his friend’s house.
My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend wanted to go for supper and I accompanied them without my mum since she had already taken some food. I had my usual two plain roti prata and 100plus to hydrate myself.

At Least, a Peaceful Night

[Friday, 26 February, 2010]

I started off the morning resuming with the work tasked the day before.

I received a call from Bernice from the NSMen Pay Enquiry department. Her service was good. I managed to settle for my pay during the reservist period.

It was not a very peaceful morning for I was requested to do things for worthless people, but luck was on my side somehow for me to push it away. I could sacrifice a lot for nice people but it was a thrust onto my chest when I was forced to do it due to work.

I had a chat with Kevin who suggested some good companies that I could look into.

I wasted my afternoon doing official work in my sleepy head.

I could never agree with the saying that when you agreed to help someone close, it would not be a process of torment. For me, I would make sacrifices for my loved ones and friends, but I would never bluff myself that the pain was not there.

I went to the MPH to watch some students play badminton. It seemed that students who had very poor attitude in class could actually be serious in sport games. If only they could respect people like how they respected the game, life would be better for others.

I went to Farrer Park to meet Jasmine and her friend for dinner. She had a new company soon. I took the worst chicken cutlet ever at City Square Mall, served by a China man. It was awful and small in proportion. Apart from the food, having weird people sitting around the same table made the dinner awkward. I was quieter than ever and began to feel the revenge of my lack of sleep.

Other than the bad dinner, I was being pushed to the girl and Jasmine behaved weirdly because the guy refused to accept the fact that she was not interested in him at all. It was a total waste of time. I could not crap with Jasmine like usual and all of them seemed to be sending each other SMSes all along when it was so obvious.

It was a long battle of endurance before Jasmine and I could knock off the awful scene to regain our usual chats. We walked around the neighbourhood and took pictures together. It was only then she told me that her friend had a girlfriend already, otherwise, I would have helped her to get away from him earlier without wasting all the time mourning in silence.

The final problem was, however, she had given my number to her friend and I really hated people bothering me.

I managed to catch the last train home.


It was Never a Good Day

[Thursday, 25 February, 2010]

EIP sucked big time even though in the afternoon, I promised boss to continue to help him until end of the month. Eunice did not manage to witness the angrier tone of mine. I did not “give face” to the Jurong Ville teacher because I needed to do my job. I should have prayed to my dad when I was offering him the joss stick the day before.

Magdalene drove over to Bukit Batok to fetch Eunice and I for lunch together at the “duck place”.

I was quite furious after receiving an email that more work had to be done for a few ugly students. Dorothy stopped me from replying to the email with all the true facts. It was yet another solid proof that the place did not suit any righteous and stubborn people.

The late afternoon saw me struggle with some consolidation of meaningful feedbacks for the SYOG trainings in my sleepy mood. I hesitated over my decision to stay on because nobody knew the agreement between boss and I so that I would decide to offer my limited assistance to disrupt my own plan.

In the evening, as usual, I had to start setting up the net since the rest reached much later. The opponents were not half as good as what I had thought. They were certainly strong in their heights. The game started off bad for me. An arrogant fool who loved to display his doubtful knowledge about the game simply did not realise that the players at the back court should cover the front court teammates when receiving a serve, especially when the ball dropped in between them. I was very turned off at first but situations got better when positions were somehow favourable to me in the way that my left and right teammates were much more mature players. I started to do well until the last few games, the aching and injury from the badminton and volleyball games on Tuesday turned into numbness.

Kachua brought his girlfriend along and since my mum had cooked, I did not follow them to Sembawang for ultra late dinner. He dropped me at the MRT where I took the train home by myself.


It was Cold, not just the Temperature

Wednesday was quite a bad day for me, except for the fact that I continued to have great views inside the train.

I waited during the noon for my lunch kakis but none of them came to me. It was until Hasnah told me Dorothy, Mei Hoe and Daniel had gone out together, I got a shock. However, Mei Hoe was actually busy doing video filming. I called Weitat and he told me he had something on and thus I went down to packet my lunch back to the office, feeling stupid again for my other colleagues had earlier approached me for lunch together.

The freezing air-conditioner hitting me directly over the top was causing me more fatigue than the lack of sleep. I started wearing two jackets and they were not enough to keep me warm. Crunching myself and hugging the cushion made me sleepier than ever.

I waited for Mei Hoe to leave the office together, bumping into Lee Poh at the traffic light to start off some craps. Mei Hoe wanted to go for dinner but my mum had cooked for my dad’s death anniversary. It was not long after reaching home that I dozed off until 9 plus PM.


Badminton was Back because Actions Made it

If you want something, don’t simply sit down and grumble; take actions or else you can never get it, unless you are lucky.

On Tuesday, I packed extra clothes to bring along to the office. Mei Hoe almost ruined my day by telling me she needed to go home earlier because of her daughter again. Then, she started saying we had odd number of players for badminton and thus she wanted to call it off. She was the one who often mentioned about playing and yet she wanted to give it up, including my efforts, just for her grown up daughter. My threat and insistence worked in the end.

We had lunch together in the canteen for the second day. When Jingkun mentioned about his contract, I was quite stunned over how some fools could do meaningless and yet inhuman things by “wearing extra undergarment inside their pants”. I could do nothing and thus I did not join in the conversation; moreover, they seemed to be discussing it among themselves.

I had brought my camera along but Teo Jun Ci denied taking photos with me, finding excuses to go back on her words. She owed me hundred photos together, inclusive of one which she had to pose ugly.

I started off the badminton game with Bernard, and Andy who was invited at the same day itself. Mei Hoe arrived and followed by Dorothy and Willi, Vincent and their classmate. Zaki kept his promise to join us. All of us had very great fun. The last survivors were Mei Hoe, Dorothy, Zaki and me. We had a tournament of women against boys. During the second set, I made a dive to save a point but there was not enough friction to stop the kinetic energy, whereby my lower right shoulder hit the badminton pole. I tried to stand up fast, keeping my cool, so that they would not be alarmed over my pain. Zaki and I lost that set. However, I amazed myself to exert my strength and gave very good fight in the end to win the fourth and fifth sets with Zaki.

Throughout the entire game, I was very distracted. At first, it was for the waiting of the arrival of all the players; followed by numerous babes coming to the campus for registration of part-time courses.

I stayed behind for volleyball. Setting up the poles and net was the most hateful thing everyone detested. I had to do it since I was there early. I would not have minded if most of them were not trying hard to excuse themselves from doing it most of the times. The net was a bit lower than usual since there were women going for the game. My entire body was aching, especially the injured part and my hands, but my hyperactiveness impressed myself once again. The MPH was crowded and we had to rest for quite long before playing each set of game.

Mingfa sent me to Clementi MRT station and I felt too lucky to have a few babes taking the same train as me. I was a fortunate guy for the day.


Search for Badminton Kakis

On Monday, I received a call early in the morning to start off my day with disappointment. I could never withstand the soft side of myself to be taken granted by others. Why me again? I would not mind helping but I did not want others to take advantage of my kindness. I cheered myself up by telling myself I would be gone soon.

Lunch was at the canteen with my usual clings. I spent lots of time typing in the office.

In the late afternoon, I started gathering people for badminton game for the next day since both Mei Hoe and Dorothy grumbled over the termination of our usual sport.

Most of the players seemed to have given up the game with the excuse of having to take care of their kids at home and thus they could not stay. Some were, however, scheduled with meeting and other work stuffs.

I gave Mei Hoe countless calls but she seemed to have fainted. I waited in the office for Dorothy to finish her meeting before telling her we had enough people. I could have left office at 5pm but I ended up leaving an hour later.


New Website – I’m using Windows

On Sunday, waking up at noon was quite unusual. I missed my show on channel 8 for an hour and caught the remaining one hour before dozing off again.

I took my breakfast, cereal, after 4pm while working on my new project on a slow pace like the day before; however, I made greater contribution this day. My mum arrived home at around 5pm with my packet rice.

I managed to come out with a simple layout for my new website and also invited friends to join the Facebook fan page at

Before midnight, my family and I went to MacDonald’s for our supper. It was nice but I was wondering if my mum could understand our conversation.


Late by a Minute

Last Saturday morning, right after midnight, my family went to the prata shop for supper. I loved suppering with them more than any other meals for everyone’s mood would be better at the late hour. Apart from that, we would only go to nearby places such as the prata shop or MacDonald’s to spend quality time together.

I woke up late. I was back to the very ridiculous sleeping habit since reservist period when I was trying hard to rush work at home until early morning.

The afternoon was tiring and my work efficiency was low. I dragged on until late evening before leaving the house for my jog. It was not a good day for any activity for my stomach gave me lots of problems. Sitting down too long on the chair had also weakened my knees. I began the jog in my half dying body but I was very amazed of myself for no matter how many problems I had before each jog, I would make it to my destination.

I did not have much rest at Marina Barrage this time for the sky was already dark upon reaching. The place was completely dark as well and I could hardly see any person with fair skin. I went to the toilet again and missed the bus to give it a head start. Knowing that in my condition, I was never able to complete with it but I even fell behind the next bus which arrived less than three minutes later.

My timing for the to and fro trips was longer than the previous time for around a minute. I felt uncomfortable to jog without the Polar watch to keep track of all my time, duration and heart rate.