A New Jogging Record from Marina Barrage

Last Tuesday, I finally made my trip down to Marina Barrage again after missing it for nearly two weeks. My target to jog for forty times this year was not on a safe margin yet.

Having been tortured by the awkward sleeping position on the chair during my reservist days, I was uncertain of my decision to make the trip down. Perseverance was perhaps one of my virtues. I started off with my lower back giving me the pains but I pushed on with my weak knees. I could feel myself slowing down at the beginning of the journey and I was basically dragging my feet after the finally T-junction separating Marina Barrage from Marina South Pier. Nevertheless, my timing was better than most of the trips.

It was a quiet evening. The usually long green snake kite was up there and it seemed to have conquered the other kites. I lay down by the side of the grass and tried to fix my phone as it could not save photos.

I took a long rest over there but my stomach ruled my mind and I could not wait any longer to race against the bus when the night hit 8pm. My return trip was tougher than usual but I managed to keep my speed consistent. I met the bus at the T-junction and it did not catch up with me given that it had to make a U-turn at the Barrage.

I was quite amazed of myself when I checked my timing at my finishing point – I made a new record again; moreover, it was a return trip after weakening my legs.


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