After the Chalet

It had been long since I last took heavy meal on my own account. I kept walking over to the barbecue pit to grab food and also swallow cups of fruit punch. I went to sleep after 3am.

We woke up at around 9.30am to start packing up everything, returning the tables and barbecue tray to the blur auntie. Then, we shared two cabs home.

I was only able to enjoy my favourite show on channel 8 for an hour before noon as my elder brother suggested to go for the famous lor mee at Ah Moy Street. After our brunch, we accompanied our mum to the sen sei to bandage her sprained finger, which cost me $16 without any twisting of the bone.

I spent the entire day sleeping and preparing for my reservist, but eventually I failed to find my army’s driving license.


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