At Least, a Peaceful Night

[Friday, 26 February, 2010]

I started off the morning resuming with the work tasked the day before.

I received a call from Bernice from the NSMen Pay Enquiry department. Her service was good. I managed to settle for my pay during the reservist period.

It was not a very peaceful morning for I was requested to do things for worthless people, but luck was on my side somehow for me to push it away. I could sacrifice a lot for nice people but it was a thrust onto my chest when I was forced to do it due to work.

I had a chat with Kevin who suggested some good companies that I could look into.

I wasted my afternoon doing official work in my sleepy head.

I could never agree with the saying that when you agreed to help someone close, it would not be a process of torment. For me, I would make sacrifices for my loved ones and friends, but I would never bluff myself that the pain was not there.

I went to the MPH to watch some students play badminton. It seemed that students who had very poor attitude in class could actually be serious in sport games. If only they could respect people like how they respected the game, life would be better for others.

I went to Farrer Park to meet Jasmine and her friend for dinner. She had a new company soon. I took the worst chicken cutlet ever at City Square Mall, served by a China man. It was awful and small in proportion. Apart from the food, having weird people sitting around the same table made the dinner awkward. I was quieter than ever and began to feel the revenge of my lack of sleep.

Other than the bad dinner, I was being pushed to the girl and Jasmine behaved weirdly because the guy refused to accept the fact that she was not interested in him at all. It was a total waste of time. I could not crap with Jasmine like usual and all of them seemed to be sending each other SMSes all along when it was so obvious.

It was a long battle of endurance before Jasmine and I could knock off the awful scene to regain our usual chats. We walked around the neighbourhood and took pictures together. It was only then she told me that her friend had a girlfriend already, otherwise, I would have helped her to get away from him earlier without wasting all the time mourning in silence.

The final problem was, however, she had given my number to her friend and I really hated people bothering me.

I managed to catch the last train home.


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