Back to Bukit Batok and Fun Volleyball

Thursday morning, I dragged on my feet to Bukit Batok again. My eyes were tired in the morning rush and when I reached Jurong East, I was stunned by a hot girl showing off more than half of her chest who stood two metres face to face from me by the side of the doors. I was too sleepy to enjoy the great sight. She alighted at the next station with me but I overtook her soon.

The morning’s work was draining. Magdalene sent me back to campus after that for lunch together with Joy, Eunice and Adrian in the canteen.

I had my early dinner with two sandwiches and iced milo. The office was stuffy after the air-conditioners were switched off and I stayed at the lobby outside the administration office for volleyball.

I set up the net almost all by myself. There was a weird guy who watched me do the job and until I finished exerting my wrist, he came over to offer help. The strings at the top were tied and tangled, and when I was trying to remove the small knot to ease everything, he stupidly suggested unwinding the metal bar, which was the toughest job – it showed that he did not set up the pole before. Later, he tried to ask me to warm up with him, I faked deaf. I realised my judgement was good as I asked around to realise he was a proud and lousy player.

Jinyang came down to join us. We had quite good game mixing around even though my team lost most of the games. I did better than usual despite having lack of sleep.

The rest of them were going off for supper but I chose to leave with Kachua since he would be passing by my house and I was lack of sleep.


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