Badminton was Back because Actions Made it

If you want something, don’t simply sit down and grumble; take actions or else you can never get it, unless you are lucky.

On Tuesday, I packed extra clothes to bring along to the office. Mei Hoe almost ruined my day by telling me she needed to go home earlier because of her daughter again. Then, she started saying we had odd number of players for badminton and thus she wanted to call it off. She was the one who often mentioned about playing and yet she wanted to give it up, including my efforts, just for her grown up daughter. My threat and insistence worked in the end.

We had lunch together in the canteen for the second day. When Jingkun mentioned about his contract, I was quite stunned over how some fools could do meaningless and yet inhuman things by “wearing extra undergarment inside their pants”. I could do nothing and thus I did not join in the conversation; moreover, they seemed to be discussing it among themselves.

I had brought my camera along but Teo Jun Ci denied taking photos with me, finding excuses to go back on her words. She owed me hundred photos together, inclusive of one which she had to pose ugly.

I started off the badminton game with Bernard, and Andy who was invited at the same day itself. Mei Hoe arrived and followed by Dorothy and Willi, Vincent and their classmate. Zaki kept his promise to join us. All of us had very great fun. The last survivors were Mei Hoe, Dorothy, Zaki and me. We had a tournament of women against boys. During the second set, I made a dive to save a point but there was not enough friction to stop the kinetic energy, whereby my lower right shoulder hit the badminton pole. I tried to stand up fast, keeping my cool, so that they would not be alarmed over my pain. Zaki and I lost that set. However, I amazed myself to exert my strength and gave very good fight in the end to win the fourth and fifth sets with Zaki.

Throughout the entire game, I was very distracted. At first, it was for the waiting of the arrival of all the players; followed by numerous babes coming to the campus for registration of part-time courses.

I stayed behind for volleyball. Setting up the poles and net was the most hateful thing everyone detested. I had to do it since I was there early. I would not have minded if most of them were not trying hard to excuse themselves from doing it most of the times. The net was a bit lower than usual since there were women going for the game. My entire body was aching, especially the injured part and my hands, but my hyperactiveness impressed myself once again. The MPH was crowded and we had to rest for quite long before playing each set of game.

Mingfa sent me to Clementi MRT station and I felt too lucky to have a few babes taking the same train as me. I was a fortunate guy for the day.


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