Chinese New Year 2010

At first, I thought I could spend more time on my web development during the Chinese New Year festival, but it turned out that I had lesser time to do my own stuffs.

A day before New Year Eve, I had already spent quite some time sweeping the floor and cleaning the toilet. I did not expect my family to start doing spring cleaning on the New Year Eve itself. I could not help much since the items to be thrown were mainly my mum’s “treasure”, inclusive of all the branded unused containers, collected since before I was born. As for the shoes and bathroom’s stuffs, I had no idea who they belonged to. Later part of simple tasks caused me backache. Nevertheless, my brothers did very good job in making my mum dump many old stuffs.

After the reunion dinner, I struggled to do work until my family wanted to go to Chinatown at around 1am. It was a wrong choice to follow them for it was still too early for the big crowds to disperse and that the cheap goodies were not at the lowest prices yet. For the previous year, I would leave my house at around 3am. I got nothing in the end.

We visited my mum’s sister as usual on the first day of Chinese New Year. We bought MacDonald’s and dined over the house since we woke up late and did not want to further waste time taking lunch at the restaurant itself. Like the previous years, we were caught with visitors while we were eating. It was not an enjoyable trip since around ten years ago ever since my eldest uncle suffered from the unknown illness. It was only during Chinese New Year that my aunt would accept red packet from us and that explained why my “income” was lower than usual people’s during Chinese New Year. The topics they talked were dead boring and sad. It was more of the plans for my aunt’s future and mostly on the issue of the flat. A big joke was my mum’s second brother sending his son over during New Year Eve to show my aunt her “god daughter-in-law”, trying to hook up with my aunt obviously for the flat. The disgusting part was that this proud family would only visit my aunt once every year. Luckily, my aunt and my youngest uncle could at least recognise who were the relatives who had been treating them sincerely all these years.

We went to River Ang Bao at night as usual since my mum was determined to visit the big fortune god’s statue that would send tiny pieces of papers down as “gold” every interval. The floating platform’s event was run mostly by China people. It was boring except for all the costly big game machines. My only entertainment was looking at girls and I was stunned by two very “ang moh-ish” girls in their very delightful smiles and figures.

Second day of Chinese New Year was visiting to my uncle’s house where my main source of income came from. The location, structure of house and renovation was one of the most ideal I had ever seen. My uncle was the person who held the family together ever since my grandma passed away. All the food and preparation had certainly cost the couple a lot each year. However, it was sad to see him going out of the house to smoke every now and then; in fact, I did not witness it myself but my nose told everything. I loved playing with my nieces but they left earlier this year. I felt the pressure of not owning an iPhone for my brothers were busy with their games while I could not do my work, not even surfing net.


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