Dorothy’s Birthday

Last Saturday was Dorothy’s birthday. It was due to the outing that I halted my Saturday’s jog to Marina Barrage. It started with a couple of weeks ago’s chat with her in the office when she mentioned we did not have lunch together for quite long. Since that weekend was preoccupied with my brother’s chalet and that I had reservist during weekdays, I suggested the Saturday that her actual birthday actually fell on.

I was at the Amara hotel, trying to choose a cake for Dorothy as told by Jingkun. I stood there for quite long since my phone could not show the contacts suddenly. I had to search for the recently dialled list but Dorothy answered the phone for him since he was driving. Next, I checked my SMS for Mei Hoe’s number and she told me Dorothy preferred chocolate. She was nagging at me for I was not on my way yet; however, she ended up reaching there later than me.

It was a torment to squeeze into the crowded train and walking through the crowded Orchard Road with a cake; I had to take at least three times slower than my usual pace to avoid crashing into all the ugly and inconsiderate people. It did not really worth it since Daniel had also bought another cake. Anyway, Dorothy seemed to know that we were celebrating for her somehow.

I was quite disappointed with the Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Hotel. I did not like the variety of food and they were not impressive to me. However, their service was excellence. Of course, the food was more high class than other buffet restaurants.

After the dinner, we chose to go to Dorothy’s house to play mahjong over karaoke. I had a few games in place of Jingkun and I realised I had totally forgotten the drawing of tiles. I spent some time watching television in the living room alone and managed to debug for


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