First Day of Work After Reservist

The first day of work after the long reservist and festival break was better than any other day. Due to the cancellation of the morning lesson at Bukit Batok, I was pardoned from official work. Magdalene was cute in her cheongsam and I made her take photos with me.

I handed over the Polar watch to Mr Neo and I knew it would affect me quite badly in my future jogs.

Having lunch together with my usual clings was more cherished than before for I knew there was not many chances in future after March. We went to IMM’s Red Ginger and after that, Meihoe and I gave the fruit stall a second chance.

Weitat’s idea to get a “Choco Exotic” cake from the Four Leaves cake shop for Joy kept me entertained in the afternoon. It was great to make friends happy.

The downturn of the day was the cancellation of Bukit Timah Walk. Basically, most people had either forgotten or changed their minds.


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