Games Over

It was time to say goodbye to the days of playing pool, table tennis and table soccer for free. After moving to another building, seven of us were stuck in a small room with poor reception.

I needed much more privacy in order to do my planning for my future and also, new websites.

I was lucky except for the travelling part. The gentleman offered to send us out but he was a workaholic who stayed behind for an extra half an hour. I would not have minded if it was a normal day, but I intended to go back to my office to feel the air before the start of the volleyball game – I could not make it on time.

The games were awesome in the absence of someone. After sleeping in different positions over the past few days, my right arm was numbed and thus, injured, such that I could not really perform. We played till late and I had my dinner just before midnight with Kachua at the prata shop near my house.


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