It was Cold, not just the Temperature

Wednesday was quite a bad day for me, except for the fact that I continued to have great views inside the train.

I waited during the noon for my lunch kakis but none of them came to me. It was until Hasnah told me Dorothy, Mei Hoe and Daniel had gone out together, I got a shock. However, Mei Hoe was actually busy doing video filming. I called Weitat and he told me he had something on and thus I went down to packet my lunch back to the office, feeling stupid again for my other colleagues had earlier approached me for lunch together.

The freezing air-conditioner hitting me directly over the top was causing me more fatigue than the lack of sleep. I started wearing two jackets and they were not enough to keep me warm. Crunching myself and hugging the cushion made me sleepier than ever.

I waited for Mei Hoe to leave the office together, bumping into Lee Poh at the traffic light to start off some craps. Mei Hoe wanted to go for dinner but my mum had cooked for my dad’s death anniversary. It was not long after reaching home that I dozed off until 9 plus PM.


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