It was Never a Good Day

[Thursday, 25 February, 2010]

EIP sucked big time even though in the afternoon, I promised boss to continue to help him until end of the month. Eunice did not manage to witness the angrier tone of mine. I did not “give face” to the Jurong Ville teacher because I needed to do my job. I should have prayed to my dad when I was offering him the joss stick the day before.

Magdalene drove over to Bukit Batok to fetch Eunice and I for lunch together at the “duck place”.

I was quite furious after receiving an email that more work had to be done for a few ugly students. Dorothy stopped me from replying to the email with all the true facts. It was yet another solid proof that the place did not suit any righteous and stubborn people.

The late afternoon saw me struggle with some consolidation of meaningful feedbacks for the SYOG trainings in my sleepy mood. I hesitated over my decision to stay on because nobody knew the agreement between boss and I so that I would decide to offer my limited assistance to disrupt my own plan.

In the evening, as usual, I had to start setting up the net since the rest reached much later. The opponents were not half as good as what I had thought. They were certainly strong in their heights. The game started off bad for me. An arrogant fool who loved to display his doubtful knowledge about the game simply did not realise that the players at the back court should cover the front court teammates when receiving a serve, especially when the ball dropped in between them. I was very turned off at first but situations got better when positions were somehow favourable to me in the way that my left and right teammates were much more mature players. I started to do well until the last few games, the aching and injury from the badminton and volleyball games on Tuesday turned into numbness.

Kachua brought his girlfriend along and since my mum had cooked, I did not follow them to Sembawang for ultra late dinner. He dropped me at the MRT where I took the train home by myself.


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