Late by a Minute

Last Saturday morning, right after midnight, my family went to the prata shop for supper. I loved suppering with them more than any other meals for everyone’s mood would be better at the late hour. Apart from that, we would only go to nearby places such as the prata shop or MacDonald’s to spend quality time together.

I woke up late. I was back to the very ridiculous sleeping habit since reservist period when I was trying hard to rush work at home until early morning.

The afternoon was tiring and my work efficiency was low. I dragged on until late evening before leaving the house for my jog. It was not a good day for any activity for my stomach gave me lots of problems. Sitting down too long on the chair had also weakened my knees. I began the jog in my half dying body but I was very amazed of myself for no matter how many problems I had before each jog, I would make it to my destination.

I did not have much rest at Marina Barrage this time for the sky was already dark upon reaching. The place was completely dark as well and I could hardly see any person with fair skin. I went to the toilet again and missed the bus to give it a head start. Knowing that in my condition, I was never able to complete with it but I even fell behind the next bus which arrived less than three minutes later.

My timing for the to and fro trips was longer than the previous time for around a minute. I felt uncomfortable to jog without the Polar watch to keep track of all my time, duration and heart rate.


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