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On Monday, I received a call early in the morning to start off my day with disappointment. I could never withstand the soft side of myself to be taken granted by others. Why me again? I would not mind helping but I did not want others to take advantage of my kindness. I cheered myself up by telling myself I would be gone soon.

Lunch was at the canteen with my usual clings. I spent lots of time typing in the office.

In the late afternoon, I started gathering people for badminton game for the next day since both Mei Hoe and Dorothy grumbled over the termination of our usual sport.

Most of the players seemed to have given up the game with the excuse of having to take care of their kids at home and thus they could not stay. Some were, however, scheduled with meeting and other work stuffs.

I gave Mei Hoe countless calls but she seemed to have fainted. I waited in the office for Dorothy to finish her meeting before telling her we had enough people. I could have left office at 5pm but I ended up leaving an hour later.


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