Bed Frame for Three

[Monday, 29 March, 2010]

On Monday, I had my lunch together with Weitat and Mei Hoe at IMM. We went back to the Taiwanese restaurant. While Weitat was at the AXN machine, I saw a furniture shop and was deeply attracted by the double decker bed frame with a sliding platform at the bottom. The side was shelves such that my mum would really love it. After lunch, we went to the Giant for a while before hanging around Popular Bookstore for quite some time. Next, the Mini Toons shop attracted our attention.

Back in office, I started typing my farewell email but it took me very long to finish not even half of it. In the evening, I took a lift from Hirman together with Joei. It was a very enjoyable journey. They went to Bar Stop to meet up with Jenne. I was tempted to their invitation to join them but I had told my mum I would go home for dinner.

I walked to Somerset MRT station and while transiting at Raffles Place MRT station, I was disgusted with the big crowds.


Lorry to ABC Market

[Sunday, 28 March, 2010]

On Sunday, I woke up and started searching for the green bean soup my mum claimed she would prepare but all the pots were empty. In the end, I took cereal.

After noon, my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went to the MacDonald’s with me and after which, my younger brother stayed there to study. I rejected not bringing my laptop along since I had always wanted to stay away from home in order to concentrate on my work.

I dozed off in the late afternoon. I woke up to get myself prepared and suddenly my younger brother announced the meeting with his friends was postponed for half an hour. After that, we walked to Cantonment Close and took his friend’s dad’s lorry to ABC market at Queensway. It had been quite some time since I sat at the back of the lorry.

I had a plate of half spring chicken rice and my younger brother’s friend’s auntie bought chicken wings and satays, and I was stunned over the tables full of dishes. I was very entertained by the cheerful auntie.

After dinner, my younger brother left with his friends while the rest of us went to IKEA to walk around.


Saw Familiar Faces at Marina Barrage Finally

[Saturday, 27 March, 2010]

I finally went to the Chinese physician again in the afternoon. My stomach’s condition had improved a lot.

In the late afternoon, I dragged on before taking off to the usual spot at Shenton Way to start off my jog after missing it for weeks. The pain in my shoulders was irritating, which was one excuse that I hesitated. The sky and cloud were far too beautiful to give a miss though.

I actually set off earlier than usual. The paths were blocked by blockheads and I witnessed Chinese construction workers spitting on the road. The bad pollution was a major turn-off.

I started off with the sides of my knees hurting, especially at the right one. My timing had dropped but I was quite satisfied with it.

Marina Barrage was more crowded than ever and I hardly could find any empty space to rest. It was warmer than usual while the sun was setting. I strolled to the lift where there was shade and stared at the bridge where the usable water was separated from the sea. The wind was strong and I felt happier when each gasp of them seemed to penetrate through my entire body.

While I was taking my leave at the side facing the Singapore Flyer, someone tapped me and it took me a few seconds to realise Shuhui and Kenneth were there. Besides them was another couple and the girl was extremely cute. I stayed there for quite some time to look at the kite.

The return trip was faster as usual. I lost to the bus by a large margin but managed to overtake the alighted passengers before they passed by the tunnel towards Marina Bay MRT station.

It was an extremely boring night. It seemed like nobody was able to spend time to entertain me.


LANs Gaming

[Friday, 26 March, 2010]

I finally had a more carefree day with most of the stuffs settled. After preparing the office laptop for handover, Andrew still did not want to take over my station together with the barcode scanner to think that I rushed to clear the system days ago.

I had lunch with Hirman, Kelvin Tan, Wee Lian, Eunice and Sharon at the “duck place” coffee shop. Hirman footed the drinks bill while Sharon settled the food. Luckily, I did not order expensive stuffs, otherwise, I would feel more embarrassed.

On the way back, Hirman suggested mobile teaching, which was an excellent initiative but seemed too far to work on. His drive towards enriching the youths was remarkable and commendable.

The afternoon was one of the best ever. It was the day for gaming, the first time in my life that I played in the campus. In the evening, Kevin sent David Chin and I to the MRT while David accompanied me till Outram Park MRT, thus my journey was almost fully occupied.


Lunch with Christine, Eunice and Kevin

[Thursday, 25 March, 2010]

I started off the day with regarding the PowerPoint slides with Alvin again.

I had lunch with Eunice, Christine and Kevin finally since Christine suggested it months ago. Kevin took us to IMM in his cute green van. We went to the Swenson but the queue was long and hence we decided to take up Cafe Cartel instead. I ordered the set meal for the day and it came with a soup, drinks, small cake and roasted chicken with carrot, corns and tomato. Kevin’s special order was served after rather long time. Christine refused to collect the bills from us.

In the afternoon, I almost finished up the checking task for my boss, except that some could not be collected back and hence I could not really do anything.

I hopped on to Joy’s car to the MRT station.


Off Day from Work

[Wednesday, 24 March, 2010]

Into the first hour of the day, my chest was still stuffed with disappointment. I felt weak like as though I was falling sick. Therefore, I dropped my boss an email to tell him that I had banged into a ghost and needed to take a day off to recuperate.

My sleeping hour was never as long as intended for somehow my body alarm clock would wake me up before noon no matter how late I slept at. Into the afternoon, I took a few short naps.

The main thing I did for the day was internet marketing, which I tested out a way of not being too dependence on my current list of friends in Facebook.

I was supposed to meet Liyi for dinner but she was held back badly in school and thus, I resumed with my work instead.


Banged into a Ghost

[Tuesday, 23 March, 2010]

I had lunch with Dorothy and Mei Hoe at “Bao Gong” at West Coast. I spoke less than ten lines in total during their non-stop conversation.

Into the late afternoon, I went down to the MPH with Mei Hoe. I set up the court and we started playing together with Pierre and Paul. Daniel joined us later to kick off more fun. I left earlier since I had promised Jasmine to meet up for dinner.

The rush home to shower exhausted me more than the earlier game. Nevertheless, it was a wrong decision yet again. I clearly understood “you treat someone with respect doesn’t mean that person would do the same to you”.

I was being betrayed and setup to bang into a shameless ghost, or rather, someone scarier than a ghost.


Lunch with Kevin Chua

[Monday, 22 March, 2010]

The weekend was too much for me to take and it refused to leave me even at late hours. I had too much grieve that could not be unleashed.

Early in the morning, I woke up with my younger brother to the bank. The queue was long like usual but at least I got to collect a new ATM card.

It was a very weird morning in the office. Somehow, my looks differed from my mood. Faces made me recall all the unhappy past.

I had lunch together with Kevin at Clementi Central at Vibes City. He treated me to claypot rice as I poured out to him all the unpleasant things that had happened.

An old and finished work surfaced out for new amendments.

I walked home with Mei Hoe after work.


Sichun is Married

[Sunday, 21 March, 2010]

The day began with the preparation to go out for lunch with my colleagues. We had buffet at Straits Cafe at Hotel Rendezvous to celebrate for Daniel’s birthday. Taking good food was too much of a privilege to me and I had excess of them recently. In the mid of the conversation, I pronounced my second day of the weekend disastrous.

After lunch, I followed Dorothy’s car to Choa Chu Kang in the heavy rain. It was the only time I could chat with her when nobody else was around. Anyway, I took the train to Admiralty before I sat down at the old MacDonald’s restaurant just opposite the control station. I ordered a cup of chocolate milkshake to my disgust due to the lousy taste. The wireless network freaked me out as I could not post anything in Facebook, and the visitor counter on my website could not be loaded as well.

Later on, Jinyang and his girl, together with Chuanjie, arrived and we set off together to the Woodlands Vale condominium for Sichun’s wedding. It was not a grand ceremony, but being together with the loved one was the most important thing. The catered buffet was quite good but too filling for the day.

I got to get together with the old Gessians but I felt weird since I was not close to most of them and there were not many topics. We left at around 9pm.

Before midnight, I went down to the ATM machines with my younger brother to withdraw money. I forgot that I had withdrawn some cash in the afternoon and thus I had exceeded the daily limit. As the dumb machine was ejecting my ATM card, suddenly it pulled it back to my horror and my card was detained.