A Fearful Day Ended Smoothly

[Thursday, 4 March, 2010]

I struggled hard on the latter day of the week to open my eyes. The usual stomach problem continue to terrorise my morning. I wanted to give Afni a good rest on her throat and thus, I continued with the lesson as per normal to maximise the learning experience of the Tanglin kids. I was more than overjoyed to have a small group of students because it was much easier to control them even if they were rebellious.

Upon arriving at the campus, we met Joy who brought us to “dead end” to join Eunice and Magdalene. I had a plate of chicken cutlet because of the suffer at City Square Mall the previous Friday that I wanted to try a decent one.

Back to the office, there was not much time left for me to do anything before going down to the multipurpose hall for a boring job. I went down earlier to check it out. It was a new experience though I was very disgusted of the fact that I was put there without knowing what to do. Alas, I struggled through the last task of the hateful and fearful Thursday.

I was typing an email to address a major problem and Emily called to inform me that she was going to submit her project. I waited for her and luckily she was in time to catch Joy who was leaving to drop us at the MRT station.

As usual, I dozed off after reaching home.


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