Bed Frame for Three

[Monday, 29 March, 2010]

On Monday, I had my lunch together with Weitat and Mei Hoe at IMM. We went back to the Taiwanese restaurant. While Weitat was at the AXN machine, I saw a furniture shop and was deeply attracted by the double decker bed frame with a sliding platform at the bottom. The side was shelves such that my mum would really love it. After lunch, we went to the Giant for a while before hanging around Popular Bookstore for quite some time. Next, the Mini Toons shop attracted our attention.

Back in office, I started typing my farewell email but it took me very long to finish not even half of it. In the evening, I took a lift from Hirman together with Joei. It was a very enjoyable journey. They went to Bar Stop to meet up with Jenne. I was tempted to their invitation to join them but I had told my mum I would go home for dinner.

I walked to Somerset MRT station and while transiting at Raffles Place MRT station, I was disgusted with the big crowds.


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