Cycling Trip at Pulau Ubin

[Saturday, 6 March, 2010]

It was the day I had awaited since more than a year ago. Gilbert and I talked about cycling at Pulau Ubin but we had never made enough effort to execute the plan. His friend, Jess, scheduled the day with her colleagues from overseas and also invited both of us since she knew we loved trekking and related stuffs, moreover, we were sporting.

I refused to sleep early the night before since there were many blogging stuffs for me to handle, putting aside the development of my new website for the time being. There were so many more things to be done, such as SEO, linking and advertising for all the existing and upcoming websites.

The previous time I went was donkey years ago together with my volleyball gang’s school. Even though there was no girl with us, the excitement and tiredness from all the hell non-stop cycling was the fun. This time round, I expected the pace to be much slower and it could be quite boring with any girl for me to tease during the journey.

Gilbert was late. When he confirmed with me that he was at Bishan MRT, I sat down to stone for a while for my weird stomach before going to the toilet for the second time of the morning. In the end, I caught the same train as him at Raffles’ Place, however, we were at extreme opposite cabins of the train.

We were late for around fifteen minutes. Jess and her friends were waiting at the jetty. I was surprised to see the changes over the place but it was nice.

The fee for a single trip on the boat was $2.50 each. Travelling on the boat was great for it gave me a carefree feeling. The seven of us went for late breakfast at $4 per plate and can drinks at $1.20 each. After getting a bottle of 100 plus each at $1.50, we rented our bikes at $15s and $10s for full day, and I saw not much difference to the two types of bikes which they claimed were for different genders.

It was not within my expectation to pause soon after we kicked off but it happened. I was quite bored at times at the pace. However, the slopes downward gave me the thrill, especially when I tried braking with the back wheel to give a drifting action whenever there was human barrier in front of me.

In the midst of the trip, I got to see a sweet girl in red but we took the different paths and thus I could only enjoy her back view for a few minutes while we were making decisions. I was expecting to see better sceneries and I was disappointed somehow. Overall, the trip was good but not to my expectation.

We left the island before 3pm and I took bus number 2 back to Tanah Merah MRT station.


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