Farewell Lunch for Zaki, Magdalene and Felina

[Friday, 12 March, 2010]

My elder brother was helping me to upgrade my Windows before I dozed off. I woke up in the shock of my life for my files in the data drive were all gone. After some time, I discovered a new created folder inside the data drive and my files were found inside. Copying them out required hours and thus I left the laptop on.

Initially I wanted to visit the Chinese physician but I received an SMS to wreck my plan. It was supposed to be a peaceful Friday, which turned out that I had to do the thing I had most, especially for rotten student who did not appreciate.

Lunch was a bit tight again. It was supposed to be farewell lunch for Magdalene, Zaki and Felina at 11.30am but some people were busy. I went back to the office at noon and they were just about to leave. I took Daniel’s car together with Felina. We met up the rest at Holland Village. It was a comfortable lunch but food was just average. After that, we had ice-cream at Cold Rock and Hagen Das before heading back.

I took the afternoon off from boss because of my eyes. However, by the time I reached home, it was quite late to visit the Chinese physician and I did not want the counter staff to nag at me again. I spent the afternoon resting on the bed.


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