Filming for MediaCorp again

[Sunday, 7 March, 2010]

I spent quite some time trying to find out what would a normal Singapore reporter wear for interviewing someone outside the court. Sleeping late, I still managed to wake up on time. However, the guard at the MediaCorp’s Radio Gate told me I had to go in by the main entrance and thus, I had to walk all the way back.

Bringing three extra tops was a wrong choice for the short sleeve shirt and jeans I wore were acceptable. I went to change my pass together with another two part-timers and walked back to the Radio Gate via the external route. The bus was packed and I had an awkward journey sitting in the front besides the assistant producer. We were caught in the traffic jam due to a cycling event at Nicoll Highway.

The filming was quite okay. It was the first time I had my line not being cancelled last minute. However, the actor, Chen Shu Chen, spotted something not so smooth and I had to change the addressing in my line, such that, I made mistakes twice.

Since the second scene was cancelled, I was able to make my way home after ten, such that I was able to catch my favourite show at 11am on channel 8.

It was a sleepy afternoon for me. I sweated while dozing off on the mattress in the humid weather. Uploading the photos taken at Pulau Ubin was one of my main accomplishments of the day. I spent most of the time blogging.

In the evening, my mum wanted to dine outside and thus I joined them at Chinatown. The reason was the day was “san ba fu nu jie” and I felt weird for my mum was never like this before. I was caught surprised when my brothers got a plate of “lao yu sheng” because my mum wanted to have it. We waited very long for our main dish, the fish head. My brothers had bought a plate of prawns from another stall at the price of $12 for simply four prawns. My mum knew I did not like any of the food, went to order from our favourite sting ray stall. The hunger had killed my craving for food and the sting ray was not up to the standard yet again.

After dinner, we made our way to the swanston shop but my younger brother checked out the exchange rate and decided to get some Europe dollars. We queued up in front of the two POSBANK ATM machines where many foreign workers were at. One of the Chinese disgusted me by peeling off the transparent cover on his ATM card and simply threw them on the floor. When my brother tried to withdraw money, the maximum amount allowed was only $400 and he received all $10 notes.

I went out of the building and the two UOB ATM machines pissed me off for they were off duty. Finally, we made our way down to the MRT and but the amount allowed for withdrawal was $400 as well and only $10 notes were given. The UOB ATM machine was on strike as well and luckily, I went to the OCBC one to get it done.


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