Hereby I vow not to Waste any Saturday like this again

[Saturday, 20 March, 2010]

In life, we experience things in order to learn and “regain conscious”. Be it good or bad occurrences, they would impact strongly on our decision in future.

I have learned many things in just a Saturday alone.

For success, there is bound to have sacrifices; friendship and promises are just pawns. History will forever repeat itself for certain events.

In a relationship, a person who takes the other half for granted will always apologise; whereas, in a friendship, it will happen too. If you have done it once, twice, or thrice, will you simply shut up at the fourth time or latter since it is meaningless already?

I have learned that even the most trusted people would put the naive one to shame. I have learned to place the most important thing before anything else, putting off awkwardness like a holy saint. I have learned to smile more like a fool. I have learned how to fight for a team, which I am not part of.

I have learned the thousands of misfortunate truths in life. I have learned the fact, and more cruelty of life.

I have learned, I have witnessed, I have experienced.

This is a turning point of my life, which I have seen through the thin and fragile colourful masks, and I am ready to embark on a cleaner and more decent life without the lies and disrespect.


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