Last EIP Workshop

[Thursday, 11 March, 2010]

I started the morning with phobia from the previous day. I reached Bukit Batok at my normal timing but Andrew was even earlier to set up everything, however, the headphones were misconnected again. He walked away before the lesson and needless to say, I had to do everything by myself. He returned and left earlier than he mentioned. I felt stupid for someone being sent over to conduct the workshop was just in name, and I had to handle everything by myself, just like the times I was alone. I did not want to blow anything up since it was already my last struggle. Letting down expectation was a comfortable solution and I managed to enjoy myself especially with some of the cute people.

After returning to office with the bulky projector, I quickly went to find Kelvin to sign it in. Next, I had lunch with Cheng Hong in the canteen. We talked about the student counsellors and I was glad that the three ideal students I had in mind after observing throughout the previous orientation camp were all seated into the team.

I had a mixed feeling somehow towards the ending of my contract. My boss and colleagues knew well how bored I was towards staying after more than two years of toleration. My eyes were as tired as the past few days and I could not do much things in the office. I tried to drink more water before my health condition worsened.

I met up with Mingfa at the MPH in the evening. The rest of them arrived slowly for the volleyball game. I did not feel confident at all because of both my shoulders. The thought of the possible dislocation reminded me not to wildly challenge my limit again. The irritation of the pain for these two weeks did worsen my temper.

Volleyball was great without any “black face” around. I did both well and bad at times in my pain but did enjoy myself a lot. Kachua sent me home after that.


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