Lorry to ABC Market

[Sunday, 28 March, 2010]

On Sunday, I woke up and started searching for the green bean soup my mum claimed she would prepare but all the pots were empty. In the end, I took cereal.

After noon, my brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went to the MacDonald’s with me and after which, my younger brother stayed there to study. I rejected not bringing my laptop along since I had always wanted to stay away from home in order to concentrate on my work.

I dozed off in the late afternoon. I woke up to get myself prepared and suddenly my younger brother announced the meeting with his friends was postponed for half an hour. After that, we walked to Cantonment Close and took his friend’s dad’s lorry to ABC market at Queensway. It had been quite some time since I sat at the back of the lorry.

I had a plate of half spring chicken rice and my younger brother’s friend’s auntie bought chicken wings and satays, and I was stunned over the tables full of dishes. I was very entertained by the cheerful auntie.

After dinner, my younger brother left with his friends while the rest of us went to IKEA to walk around.


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