Lunch at 3 Monkeys and Completion of Resume

[Friday, 20 March, 2010]

Early in the morning, I bothered Josephine for the last time regarding my resume. However, while she was clearing up the last mess, my two bosses stunned me as they called me over. I knew it from Kevin that they had actually requested him to stay behind for three more months and thus I was afraid to be persuaded to continue with EIP so that they could re-allocate their manpower to conduct the required modules. Luckily, they only asked me to keep a look out for potential contract staffs.

I had a great lunch date with Weitat, Hirman, Joei and Jingkun. It was a new combination of some of my greatest friends cum colleagues; although I would greedily prefer all my great colleagues to go out together just like when I was working in my previous company. I was quite stressed since I did not know what small tokens I could give to everyone on my last day, and it would probably be an empty thought just like any other times.

We went to Holland Village at the 3 Monkeys restaurant. We had the entire second storey to ourselves, which was cool since nobody else would disturb us and that we would not have to restrict ourselves to noises and craps. The waiting time for the food was, however, absurd, especially when the place was so empty. I did not like the fish and chips but the fries were quite nice.

Back in office, I started off with the final task allocated by my boss. The office became quieter soon and I left by myself at 5pm sharp to continue with my resume editing at home, but to doze off before I could do anything.

I went through Mingfa’s friend’s company website and was not very certain that I could really assist them in anything to my interest. I made it a point to send him my resume anyway.


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