Lunch with Christine, Eunice and Kevin

[Thursday, 25 March, 2010]

I started off the day with regarding the PowerPoint slides with Alvin again.

I had lunch with Eunice, Christine and Kevin finally since Christine suggested it months ago. Kevin took us to IMM in his cute green van. We went to the Swenson but the queue was long and hence we decided to take up Cafe Cartel instead. I ordered the set meal for the day and it came with a soup, drinks, small cake and roasted chicken with carrot, corns and tomato. Kevin’s special order was served after rather long time. Christine refused to collect the bills from us.

In the afternoon, I almost finished up the checking task for my boss, except that some could not be collected back and hence I could not really do anything.

I hopped on to Joy’s car to the MRT station.


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