Lynn’s Birthday Gathering at Brewerkz

[Sunday, 14 March, 2010]

I woke up in time to catch my favourite show on channel 8 at 11am. It was the last episode of “Plan A”.

It seemed like a long afternoon for blogging. Somehow the clock on my laptop was wrong and I had to adjust an hour earlier, such that the meeting with my ex NP classmates was kind of delayed. The long waiting put me to sleep after stuffing a chocolate into my mouth.

I woke up more than an hour later in shock. I checked my phone and realised Wen Chang had messaged me saying that he had overslept. Eventually he was only late for half an hour, whereas, I doubled his record. Jason won me.

Brewerkz was never my ideal place for dinner. Even though I had been there for a few times with Irwin, my short term memory told me it was a western food restaurant and thus I made a silly and wasted trip up the Central shopping centre.

I had pizza for the second time the week but I preferred that place as a drinking place more.

It was never a comfortable gathering with a few big expensive DSLR cameras around. I kept my small digital camera behind me. I hated the feeling when being asked to comment on the fact that I used to be the one taking photos around during the schooling days and now that others were doing it on my behalf.

I could only admit to myself that photography is an expensive habit.

After the dinner, I was on different way from them after passing by the Central. Missing a bus after the long way, I decided to continue with the walk.


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