Met up with Irwin

[Saturday, 13 March, 2010]

Irwin finally returned on Friday and I met up with Irwin at Sim Lim Tower. After purchasing his books, we left for a big tour around the building, crossing over traffic junctions to realise we had made a wrong turn each time. Eventually, we got to the correct bus-stop and waited very long for bus 851 to go to Funnan Centre.

There was a mechanical robot car competition and the fact that all the students owned nice laptops made me envy them. We settled down at TCC for coffee before going to the Challenger. After walking around for quite some time, he decided to get a mouse and external harddisk. It was a long moment of relaxation with jokes and opinions.

The Swensen restaurant seemed to be replaced by Pizza Hut and therefore, we decided to hit on KFC. Next, we strolled to Central and rested at the Burger King restaurant. I could not detect any wireless network at all and we tried for quite long to see if there was any problem with my laptop. After giving up, I started showing him my work progress for the new site.

Next, we strolled all the way to my house where he boarded the bus at the bus-stop opposite.


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