Saw Familiar Faces at Marina Barrage Finally

[Saturday, 27 March, 2010]

I finally went to the Chinese physician again in the afternoon. My stomach’s condition had improved a lot.

In the late afternoon, I dragged on before taking off to the usual spot at Shenton Way to start off my jog after missing it for weeks. The pain in my shoulders was irritating, which was one excuse that I hesitated. The sky and cloud were far too beautiful to give a miss though.

I actually set off earlier than usual. The paths were blocked by blockheads and I witnessed Chinese construction workers spitting on the road. The bad pollution was a major turn-off.

I started off with the sides of my knees hurting, especially at the right one. My timing had dropped but I was quite satisfied with it.

Marina Barrage was more crowded than ever and I hardly could find any empty space to rest. It was warmer than usual while the sun was setting. I strolled to the lift where there was shade and stared at the bridge where the usable water was separated from the sea. The wind was strong and I felt happier when each gasp of them seemed to penetrate through my entire body.

While I was taking my leave at the side facing the Singapore Flyer, someone tapped me and it took me a few seconds to realise Shuhui and Kenneth were there. Besides them was another couple and the girl was extremely cute. I stayed there for quite some time to look at the kite.

The return trip was faster as usual. I lost to the bus by a large margin but managed to overtake the alighted passengers before they passed by the tunnel towards Marina Bay MRT station.

It was an extremely boring night. It seemed like nobody was able to spend time to entertain me.


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