Second Trekking at Dairy Farm Nature Park

[Wednesday, 10 March, 2010]

The day started off terribly. It was pouring heavily and my pant got wet during the journey to Bukit Batok. My stomach was rebellious. I was surprised to see that Andrew had set up everything when I arrived, however, the headphones were all plugged in at the wrong slots. I made a dash to the toilet after I cleared up the time bombs.

The lessons started later than usual. I took charge of everything and began with my usual craps. However, I was surprised by the rude girls who eventually made me burst after almost forty-five minutes of tolerance. I lectured them on how to be good human beings based on the teaching materials of customer service. After the break, I let Andrew took over the class since I could not kill my anger. I was very sure that Andrew would never be able to handle them without my earlier lecture to scare them off. He left before noon for me to settle everything by myself.

It was the third day of the week and also the third day my eyes were not listening to my commands. When I started to feel feverish, I realised what had happened to my eyes.

I joined in the trekking at Dairy Farm and we took a different route this time. The quarry side had better scenery. I was quite shocked when I realised I did not charge my camera’s battery after the Pulau Ubin cycling but it did last through the trip. On the return trip, we took the wrong path and entered a private place accidentally, which I thought it was a good accident for the place looked very nice.

I took a lift from Alex after the walk and dropped at Bugis together with Joei and Darni.


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