Sichun is Married

[Sunday, 21 March, 2010]

The day began with the preparation to go out for lunch with my colleagues. We had buffet at Straits Cafe at Hotel Rendezvous to celebrate for Daniel’s birthday. Taking good food was too much of a privilege to me and I had excess of them recently. In the mid of the conversation, I pronounced my second day of the weekend disastrous.

After lunch, I followed Dorothy’s car to Choa Chu Kang in the heavy rain. It was the only time I could chat with her when nobody else was around. Anyway, I took the train to Admiralty before I sat down at the old MacDonald’s restaurant just opposite the control station. I ordered a cup of chocolate milkshake to my disgust due to the lousy taste. The wireless network freaked me out as I could not post anything in Facebook, and the visitor counter on my website could not be loaded as well.

Later on, Jinyang and his girl, together with Chuanjie, arrived and we set off together to the Woodlands Vale condominium for Sichun’s wedding. It was not a grand ceremony, but being together with the loved one was the most important thing. The catered buffet was quite good but too filling for the day.

I got to get together with the old Gessians but I felt weird since I was not close to most of them and there were not many topics. We left at around 9pm.

Before midnight, I went down to the ATM machines with my younger brother to withdraw money. I forgot that I had withdrawn some cash in the afternoon and thus I had exceeded the daily limit. As the dumb machine was ejecting my ATM card, suddenly it pulled it back to my horror and my card was detained.


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