Waste My Time

[Friday, 5 March, 2010]

I was much relieved on the Friday morning for the three hectic days were over. The approaching of the weekends delighted me.

It was the last day of school for the year 2 students and I joined Alex and Kumar in their movie – Saving Private Ryan. For as much as I wanted to catch it, it had been donkey years and I finally finished it after missing the first part and having interruption. I managed to help Joey to debug her website; however, she did not seem to understand the reason Mr Baey did not want to spoon feed the class.

I picked up the call from Jingkun during lunch time and I went down with Daniel to meet him. We took two cars to IMM and securing a place in the open air carpark, we realised Dorothy and Mei Hoe had changed their minds to go down to Jack’s Place at Clementi Recreational Centre. We made the way down. I would really prefer the food from Swenson and Fish & Co. after that, since Dorothy hurried Mei Hoe back to office. Jingkun went off by himself and I followed Daniel to settle some bills at the Hong Leung bank.

I met boss after 2pm when I was hurrying back for my haircut appointment. He gave me a lift since he was on his way to the headquarter. I requested him to drop me at Dover instead of Clementi because it was a good chance to chat with him even though he was already late for a meeting for around twenty-five minutes.

My mum’s false news caused me to make a wrong detour before I had my hair trimmed. Before that, Jasmine promised me to get back to me before 4.30pm regarding the time to meet for dinner. It was 4.45pm and I messaged her that I was going to take a nap. An hour later, I woke up to tell her to meet another time since she was too busy having fun with her friends.

At around 10pm, she pissed me off furthermore by asking me out for dinner together with her stalking desperate friend who had been irritating me on my phone. I had enough of friends who did not show respect to me.


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