Collection of Graduation Gown and Weiwen’s House Visiting

[Sunday, 11 April, 2010]

I started Sunday morning with preparation of my new website by thinking of the good and available domain names. The long struggle refused me to bed.

I woke up early in the Sunday morning to collect my graduation gown. Taking train all the way to Potong Pasir was quite a hassle to me. As indicated on the photo studio’s map, I thought it was a standalone building and I missed it by taking the side lane instead of the main road. It was a terrible mistake under the hot sun.

It turned out that the studio was in a shophouse, which was much nearer to the Expressway. The studio was ready to make big bucks since I could see that many universities had engaged them. A lady attended to me after I paid the money. I was quite taken aback when she persuaded me to place deposit for taking up a photoshoot package with them. In fact, I had never thought of taking any photo for the time being, especially when my younger brother was not in Singapore yet. The problem was that she told me the fifty dollars discount offer was only available for that day. I called my brother and finally, decided not to take up the offer after more than ten minutes.

I went to meet my family at Tanjong Pagar MRT station where we proceeded to Ah Moy Street for the delicious lor mee. My mum wanted to go to my aunt’s house at Kim Tian Road and we accompanied her to Maxwell Road but the road was blocked and buses were forced to reroute. I accompanied my mum to the bus-stop besides the CK department before walking home by myself. I was shocked when I noticed the road between the field and the Chinese temple was blocked for the India event. I had to travel further up in order to cross the road, jay-walking in front of the policemen since no car could access there.

It was almost an hour of rest at home before I set off together with my brother and his girlfriend to Weiwen’s house at Tanglin Halt for his baby’s full month celebration. He stayed very near to Commonwealth MRT and the three of us were envious of the good location of the forty storey high new flat. Since the baby girl was too young, my brother and I enjoyed playing with the emotional dog more. He was trapped inside a room because of the crowd.

We took some rest at home and I dozed off before we went down to the Burger King with my mum. I tried the tendered chicken burger and it totally sucked. It reminded me a bit of KFC’s zinger burger but the taste was not as nice and it had lots of fats for me to chew on disgustingly.


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