Dinner at RSYC and Magdalene Birthday Celebration at Marina Barrage

[Friday, 9 April, 2010]
I spent my Friday on the configuration and marketing of my http://www.lifeissobeautiful.com domain.
As I was going to prepare to leave my house for phototaking at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), the conversation with Joy stalled some time. I was slow somehow and before I realised, time had passed so quickly that I knew I would be late.
The stopped rain suddenly returned more fiercely than before. I kept my pace slow but the water still managed to get into my shoes to kiss my socks wet. I was at the most frustrated mood waiting at the bus-stop but it took more than twenty minutes for bus 30 to arrive. As expected, due to the slow bus, more passengers boarded and alighted and thus delayed the journey a lot more.
Halfway through the journey, the rain stopped completely. I alighted after the junction near the NUS prata shop. I almost took the wrong direction towards Clementi Wood but decided to walk back to the junction. It was a long way towards the RSYC.
I was late for almost an hour but I was not the latest. The ambience was nice and I regretted not setting off earlier. I received a trophy from Diana for contribution in the SYOG volunteer training project.
After the dinner, I took jingkun’s car and he forgot that I wanted to go home to get my wetted socks changed before joining the rest of them at Marina Barrage. He took the highway straight to ECP and then took the wrong exit. He took the wrong again and we landed up at PIE near Aljunied.
After reaching Marina Barrage, we started changing and I wore my PJC t-shirt with a FBT shorts. The rest of them were in school uniforms. We started celebrating for Magdalene and made noises at the bridge.

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