Impossible to Add a Paypal Donation Button

After spending around two hours to figure out how to add a Donation button to my non-profit websites, I give up trying.

I’m quite an advanced internet user and that I have done it before previously like at least more than four years ago, it seems so weird.

Their help section does mention about going to the “merchant services” link and choosing “website payments standard”, but the “Donation” text is nowhere to be seen. I have googled for the solution as well and come across a website which mentions “Silly Paypal…they’ve made it so hard” and I know it certainly is not my fault. The instruction leads me to nowhere in the middle of the desert as well.

I’m a person who claims to give up easily, but within me, I can actually persist longer than most people. Alas, after setting aside so much time to halt my three days of blog entries and other major tasks, I have really given up after dropping Paypal a message through their contact page.

Obviously, something must be wrong with the navigation of the site, or, probably, they have removed the feature of allowing donations to be made to their clients.


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