KTV at Iluma’s K-Suites and Movie at Vivocity

[Saturday, 3 April, 2010]

On Saturday, it started pouring before I could leave my house to join my ex-colleagues for the karaoke session at Iluma. However, after I opened my umbrella at the road, I realised most people were not carrying their umbrellas anymore; the rain had stopped specially for me.

The train was crowded. In return for the bad squeezy journey, I got to see babes all over the places, especially at Bugis. Since I was late, I made my way out of the underground as quickly as possible because the crowds would slow me down ten times my usual pace. I realised I got out at the wrong exit and had to waste extra time on waiting for the traffic light.

After reaching Iluma, I scratched my head for the location of K-Suites. Jenne called me to end my search at the fourth storey. I went down to meet them and I was the last to arrive. We were put into a small room at first but we decided it would be too squeezy for us and Jenne requested for a room with bed. As I walked past the rooms, I realised all of them were decorated nicely and differently; I was greatly impressed.

Our room was occupied mostly by the bed. Two LCD televisions were clear. At the side near the door was a controller, which included making a few sounds such as cheering, whistling and jeering. There was a small corner with a computer which came with internet access.

Zaki occupied himself mostly with the computer after he crazily stuffed food into his stomach. I joined in the fun as well, however, took much lesser food than him. The crazy thing was about the free-flow drinks since we had a coupon, which Jenne gotten from the previous fun. I was still shy like usual and did not sing until Jingkun picked a few songs for me. I died at the first song after chewing very long with the finger food.

With my younger brother gone to Germany, bringing the shared Sony camera along, I felt the great photography crisis when the images taken inside the dim room were horribly shown on the LCD screen of the old Olympic camera. I knew I could never get images as sharp and especially while using freehand during daylight.

After the karaoke, which we paid thirty-five bucks each, I joined Zaki, Jenne, Joei and Christine for the movie – The Lovely Bones – at Vivocity. Weitat and Jingkun bid me farewell after the toilet break, having a good laugh over the nacho Jingkun dropped into my shoes earlier on. Jenne did a quick shop for her pencil at Bugis before we took the train over to Harbourfront. We camped for a long time at the ticket booth for collection of the tickets, buying of food and waiting for Christine to withdraw money. Luckily, the movie started only after we went to the toilet to clear the water we consumed at the K-Suites earlier.

The Lovely Bones was filmed in an artistic and poetic way. It came with many horror scenes with anticipation of dangers. I found it quite dragging and in the mid of the two hours show, I really wished it would end soon. Zaki, on the other hand, loved it a lot.

At around nine o’clock, we bid each other farewell. The girls took cabs while I accompanied Zaki to the MRT control station before I crossed over to the opposite bus-stop.


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