Sunday Meals with Elder Brother and his Girlfriend

[Sunday, 4 April, 2010]

I spent my Sunday on Facebook marketing.

My elder brother went down to get lunch for his girlfriend and I since my mum did not call home. He bought a little too much for my stomach to consume. My mum called home at around 2.30pm to ask if we wanted to get anything.

My younger brother started webcamming with me in his friend’s host’s house. When my mum returned, she took over and I set aside my work.

At night, my mum went for a dinner and thus, I joined my brother and his girlfriend at the Maxwell Food Centre for dinner. The bowl of chicken porridge did not worth $3.50. I was quite irritated with an uncle who tried to sell tissue to us; I supposed it was illegal to do that and the fact that he looked perfectly fit, unlike the usual old grandmas, was disgusting.


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