We Worked and We Ate

[Tuesday, 27 April, 2010]

I played LANs game with my brother and we caught the shows on Discovery Channel together. In the end, I slept at 5am, which was earlier than the days before.

Meeting Irwin at Orchard MRT made me proud for my time estimation was excellence that I arrived just around five minutes earlier. However, he took the wrong direction’s train and thus I had to wait at the platform for half an hour.

He brought me to Shaw House and we started having Mosburger after U-turn from the MacDonald’s since he did not like Mac breakfast. We started working at the open air MacCafe after breakfast. It was a good place to work at only if it came without the presence of the smokers. I could feel that my entire body stink and I was so uncomfortable throughout. Our late lunch was takeaway MacDonald’s from the nearby outlet.

In the evening, we went to Far East Plaza, followed by ION where we took second round of dinner in such short time interval from the previous meal. The Go Go Curry claimed to be the best curry in the world. My stomach was bloated even though I took only one quarter of the big portion of food shared.

We decided to walk to my house in order to digest the food and the sudden heavy rainfall welcomed us for a few minutes. We proceeded on and stopped by Liang’s Court for toilet break before resting by the side of the river next to The Central. Irwin wanted to continue with work but the MacDonald’s at Funnan Centre did not have power supply and the TCC was going to close in an hour’s time. After walking to Clarke Quay, we took a cab and Irwin dropped me at my place.


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