A Thought of Beautiful Life

[Saturday, 29 May, 2010]
I got to rest a while by having a Command and Conquer game with my elder brother. By then, my effort in managing my new Facebook Page had brought in more than five thousand fans. I knew the figure would increase more.
My mind could never stop working then. I knew I was able to reach out to many young Singaporeans and it also meant I could do something to help those in need, in term of mentality poverty. The first person I could think of to work with was Hirman, the greatest creative educator who would do beyond his limit to help the youngsters. It was the greatest goal I had in mind to change all the selfish and wrong thinking of human beings, which was far from possible, even though I had already started http://sobeautifullife.blogspot.com.
Somehow, I blamed myself for I had not started looking for job and yet I was thinking of non-profit work again. It was 8am when I hit the bed.
I woke up at 2pm. I tried asking Hirman if he wanted to meet up. I contacted Joei but she had a concert to attend and could only meet us up after 11pm, which was quite late. In the end, the plan was cancelled and I would have to wait until Friday before I could meet the group of wonderful educators at Zaki’s house for the “movie night”.
While doing the contacting, I received an enquiry for web design and I took very long to think of an appropriate reply. I was never a sales person and I hated spoiling things. The focus of the day was on Facebook for the enormous progress.
At night, my family had steamboat together.

A Good Facebook Marketing Progress

[Friday, 28 May, 2010]
I had webcam chat with my younger brother and hit the bed at 6am eventually.
It was a special day for my Facebook marketing progressed extremely well. I started a new group “We are going to melt in Singapore soon” and it became popular within a few hours. Apart from being a normal Facebook Page that had its fans increased fast like a few others, the target audience were Singaporeans and not worldwide, which spelt the success.
While working on it, I spent the time in between to work on my project.


Dinner with Elvin after Two Years

[Thursday, 27 May, 2010]
I was quite lazy to leave my house in the late afternoon. As usual, I was more determined and inspired every time when I was rushing to leave the house, but too bad I had to proceed on.
This time, Elvin asked me out for dinner and since I was always not free for the past two years, I did not want to reject his offer. We were arranging to meet up at IMM and I decided to go back to ITE Clementi to meet him, which was more convenient.
I went to the PosBank ATM to withdraw some for my UOB account since I used some when purchasing the air-conditioner. However, the machine gave me all ten dollar notes and when I went to the UOB cash deposit machine, there was a queue and an uncle even cut my queue when I was able to give up.
The carpark of my ex company was very deserted. I met Jonathan Cheong who was inside the car and he told me it was “family day” and everyone was allowed to leave at 5pm, and that explained why it was so quiet. Hirman and Mrs Grace Cheong were leaving the campus then. I met others like Jonathan Siah and Alamelu, and I decided to go up to the staffs room to wait for Elvin.
It was just nice that I met Joei at the door and I remembered I owed Hirman money, and I passed them to her. I tried to ask Mei Hoe along for the dinner but she refused to join in. When Elvin called me, I walked down with Diana to the carpark to find him.
We went IMM and he gave me a treat. Then, he taught me a bit about watches. In the end, we went to West Coast Park to walk around to digest the heavy food and I was quite amazed with the scenery after the construction work was finished by the side of the sea. After that, he dropped me at Clementi MRT station and I took the train home.

Bought New Air-Conditioner Finally

[Wednesday, 26 May, 2010]

I had two games of Command and Conquer with my brother. We played three versus five in a different and harder map and we managed to secure our area properly before launching an attack to tear down the enemies fast.

I was woke up by a person who was given the wrong number and she even dropped me an SMS. I hated to reply to unknown number and I hoped that person would realise she had made a mistake soon.

In the afternoon, I continued with my project, creating new SQL table for new criteria. However, before I could do many things, it was 4pm and I set off with my brother and mum to IMM to search for air-conditioner. We took the shuttle bus over and I realised the “bus-stop” was relocated. There were three shops side by side, inclusive of Gain City. We went to the first shop and learned more about the prices before we tried the “All Best” shop and thought the auntie was more comfortable.

Since my elder brother told me that he would return me his share by installation, I dumped $2,138 on the new system-2 Mitsubishi air-conditioner and I probably needed to fork out another $150 on the fixing day itself for a new frame to fit the new condenser.

I could actually withstand the heat of the bad weather more than anyone, except for the sweating part that would irritate me from working during the day. I was very irritated by the wastage of electricity in my house as well, for the extra fridge in the living room, air plump filtering the big fish tank, the forgetting of switching off lights in the morning, the 24-hours alive computer, and the excess usage of old non-inverter air-conditioner. All these bundled up to big electricity bill for the 3-room HDB flat that nobody would ever expect. Since the bill would eventually come to me in the end, I would rather get a new air-conditioner to reduce the monthly electricity bill.

No doubt, it was a gigantic blow to my long “holidays” plan to build up my websites, which seemed to take forever.

We took the shuttle bus back to Jurong East MRT station. My elder brother squeezed into the train at the centre platform to go and find his girlfriend first. Both of them boarded into “my train” at Woodlands and the four of us headed towards Bishan MRT, where we transited to the Circle Line. Our virgin trip on the Circle Line was towards Payar Lebar station where we switched over to the Green Line to Aljunied station. We proceeded to the You Tiao Da Wang stall but I was torn down by the long boring train journey that I felt so sick to eat. In the end, we took a cab home.


A Fruitful Day at the Gym with My Laptop

[Tuesday, 25 May, 2010]

On Tuesday morning, I was being very stressed by my project and suddenly, the thought of the MSN problem distracted me. I tried all means to try to get my MSN back working “properly” with the webcam. I uninstalled it a few times, and even cleared the data folders. Lastly, I even resorted to system restore. Nothing helped. I went online to search for helps and I got all the same information of McAfee anti-virus had a crash with the new Windows Live Messenger (MSN).

It was only until when I found a forum stating that the webcam feature had been removed in the latest update and would be gone forever, I started cursing for the downgrade of the software without informing the users, including me. I had webcam with my younger brother at Germany and went to sleep at 6am.

I hit Tze Khit’s gym in the afternoon with my laptop, working with discipline to come up with an Ajax function to navigate entries within the same page. I was exhausted in the evening and started using the gym equipments. It was my first time using the treadmill, and not knowing the motor accelerated slowly, I pumped up more than twice the speed of a normal jogger. After more than ten minutes, I accidentally pulled the magnet to stop the machine.

Tze Khit was busy for the entire afternoon and I left at around 8pm for my dinner.


Facebook is a Time-bomb

Facebook has shrunk the world more than what the invention of internet has done.

At first, emails, newsgroups and IRC (internet relay chat) made information sharing fast and easy enough such that human beings were amazed and impressed.

When Facebook comes into action, it starts to attract users to an extent that most internet users own an account and many cannot miss logging into the social networking site at least once a day. Great amount of personal information and whereabouts is being released every moment. Some users even update their statuses before they go to the washroom.

You do not even need to click on anything to view your friends’ latest statuses. Facebook’s Ajax feature helps to insert latest data from the database into the home page. Facebook has helped to link up everyone from every part of the world (probably not so much of China residents though) that has internet access.

Great things do come with negative impacts sometimes. Users join random groups and pages created to raise awareness or vent anger, creating a stir. Many groups are created for good purposes, such as quit smoking and saving the ozone layer, but some are just some wrong assumptions that many users are influenced and thus joined.

“my school cares more about my appearance, than my education”

Many students are unaware of the importance of their appearance and many hope to detach that from their education. They do not see the overall picture. They are expecting more from others and also things to work in their own ways, in this case, they want school to provide education in their own ways too. One day, they would even expect themselves to take over the principal or the ministry’s positions.

The educational systems in the entire the world are facing a great challenge.


Gym Third Session

[Monday, 24 May, 2010]

I had Command and Conquer game with my brother, challenging six other computer AI after I succeeded a couple of days ago. We lost the first game soon and recovered our glory at the next try.

In the late afternoon, it took me a long time to try solving the MSN’s webcam problem but nothing helped.

I went to the gym to join Tze Khit and we started working on the upper body. I realised my left shoulder’s injury was still around and it gave me lots of problem.

I continued with my work on the directory but I was badly stressed by it for there were too many things to consider.


Sunday at Marina Square

[Sunday, 23 May, 2010]

On Sunday, I was woke up by my brother’s girlfriend. They wanted to go for brunch at Marina Square. We went to Just Acia and I ordered fish and chips. It was more like the mixed vegetable rice’s fish cut into small slices with the fries. Nevertheless, the free flow of ice-cream and drinks was the greatest attraction.

After the meal, we went to John Little’s and I got myself a short. Then, we went to the soft toy catching machines to feel the excitement of others dumping their coins into the machines wastefully. It was a good place for girls-watching. My brother’s girlfriend gave a tried on one of the machines and she got herself a Pooh Bear tissue box. It was a good try for a dollar.

After going home and resting for a while, my mum returned home and we set off to the Maxwell Market at around 8pm. I got my mum her fish soup mee hoon before going to get my cheap and okay tasting noodle at the usual stall but it was sold out. After walking around the pathetic place with most of the stalls already closed, I got myself a plate of wantan mee at the stall behind. The place was somehow good for girls-watching as well.

Somehow, I was bothered for the entire day.


No more Multiple Webcam Chatting in MSN (Windows Live Messenger)

For users with webcam experience using MSN, you should know the difference between Video Call and Webcam. Basically, Video Call is webcam chat with voice and both parties must own a physical webcam each in order to initialise the Video Call. The problem with Video Call is that it requires much more bandwidth and once the Video Call is on, you cannot make another Video Call or the soundless Webcam to another friend. Whereas, if you are using Webcam, you can broadcast your video feed to more than one friend at one time.

Please join Facebook Page We want the Webcam feature back in latest version of MSN and invite all your friends if you want the Webcam feature to be back.

Below is my reply to the Windows Blog:

I installed MSN Plus! and after a few days, I tried to webcam with my friend and realised the “show my webcam” function was gone. I thought it was the third party software that caused the problem and thus I uninstalled it. I did numerous re-installation of WLM, with and without deleting its data folders in the system’s drive. I wasted half a day before I found out about the removal of the feature because I never expected MS would downgrade its product. I’m sure many others have and are going to waste their time “debugging” their WLM before they come across this website.

The main issues of not having the webcam feature are:
– Sometimes the users need to webcam with more than one friend instantly
– Some users’ internet connection is not suitable for Video Chat, and at the worst scenario which I had experienced before, my friend could not even connect to Video Chat.

The video chat quality is more than good enough for now and I don’t think the priority should be upgrading it, or at least, not at the expense of throwing away the webcam feature. I don’t think MS would take into consideration of the complicating coding for having both webcam and video chat functions since the programmers should be some of the best in the world. Regarding end-users mixing up video chat and webcam, I’m sure the smart team can solve it by re-designing the interface instead of removing the webcam feature. Maybe there can be a dropdown with radio button or simply another icon besides the webcam icon to choose whether you want to the webcam chat with (video chat) or without sound.

We really need the webcam feature back. Dear team, I’m sure you guys can do wonders even if you put back the webcam feature.