A Fruitful Day at the Gym with My Laptop

[Tuesday, 25 May, 2010]

On Tuesday morning, I was being very stressed by my project and suddenly, the thought of the MSN problem distracted me. I tried all means to try to get my MSN back working “properly” with the webcam. I uninstalled it a few times, and even cleared the data folders. Lastly, I even resorted to system restore. Nothing helped. I went online to search for helps and I got all the same information of McAfee anti-virus had a crash with the new Windows Live Messenger (MSN).

It was only until when I found a forum stating that the webcam feature had been removed in the latest update and would be gone forever, I started cursing for the downgrade of the software without informing the users, including me. I had webcam with my younger brother at Germany and went to sleep at 6am.

I hit Tze Khit’s gym in the afternoon with my laptop, working with discipline to come up with an Ajax function to navigate entries within the same page. I was exhausted in the evening and started using the gym equipments. It was my first time using the treadmill, and not knowing the motor accelerated slowly, I pumped up more than twice the speed of a normal jogger. After more than ten minutes, I accidentally pulled the magnet to stop the machine.

Tze Khit was busy for the entire afternoon and I left at around 8pm for my dinner.


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