A Thought of Beautiful Life

[Saturday, 29 May, 2010]
I got to rest a while by having a Command and Conquer game with my elder brother. By then, my effort in managing my new Facebook Page had brought in more than five thousand fans. I knew the figure would increase more.
My mind could never stop working then. I knew I was able to reach out to many young Singaporeans and it also meant I could do something to help those in need, in term of mentality poverty. The first person I could think of to work with was Hirman, the greatest creative educator who would do beyond his limit to help the youngsters. It was the greatest goal I had in mind to change all the selfish and wrong thinking of human beings, which was far from possible, even though I had already started http://sobeautifullife.blogspot.com.
Somehow, I blamed myself for I had not started looking for job and yet I was thinking of non-profit work again. It was 8am when I hit the bed.
I woke up at 2pm. I tried asking Hirman if he wanted to meet up. I contacted Joei but she had a concert to attend and could only meet us up after 11pm, which was quite late. In the end, the plan was cancelled and I would have to wait until Friday before I could meet the group of wonderful educators at Zaki’s house for the “movie night”.
While doing the contacting, I received an enquiry for web design and I took very long to think of an appropriate reply. I was never a sales person and I hated spoiling things. The focus of the day was on Facebook for the enormous progress.
At night, my family had steamboat together.

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