Bought New Air-Conditioner Finally

[Wednesday, 26 May, 2010]

I had two games of Command and Conquer with my brother. We played three versus five in a different and harder map and we managed to secure our area properly before launching an attack to tear down the enemies fast.

I was woke up by a person who was given the wrong number and she even dropped me an SMS. I hated to reply to unknown number and I hoped that person would realise she had made a mistake soon.

In the afternoon, I continued with my project, creating new SQL table for new criteria. However, before I could do many things, it was 4pm and I set off with my brother and mum to IMM to search for air-conditioner. We took the shuttle bus over and I realised the “bus-stop” was relocated. There were three shops side by side, inclusive of Gain City. We went to the first shop and learned more about the prices before we tried the “All Best” shop and thought the auntie was more comfortable.

Since my elder brother told me that he would return me his share by installation, I dumped $2,138 on the new system-2 Mitsubishi air-conditioner and I probably needed to fork out another $150 on the fixing day itself for a new frame to fit the new condenser.

I could actually withstand the heat of the bad weather more than anyone, except for the sweating part that would irritate me from working during the day. I was very irritated by the wastage of electricity in my house as well, for the extra fridge in the living room, air plump filtering the big fish tank, the forgetting of switching off lights in the morning, the 24-hours alive computer, and the excess usage of old non-inverter air-conditioner. All these bundled up to big electricity bill for the 3-room HDB flat that nobody would ever expect. Since the bill would eventually come to me in the end, I would rather get a new air-conditioner to reduce the monthly electricity bill.

No doubt, it was a gigantic blow to my long “holidays” plan to build up my websites, which seemed to take forever.

We took the shuttle bus back to Jurong East MRT station. My elder brother squeezed into the train at the centre platform to go and find his girlfriend first. Both of them boarded into “my train” at Woodlands and the four of us headed towards Bishan MRT, where we transited to the Circle Line. Our virgin trip on the Circle Line was towards Payar Lebar station where we switched over to the Green Line to Aljunied station. We proceeded to the You Tiao Da Wang stall but I was torn down by the long boring train journey that I felt so sick to eat. In the end, we took a cab home.


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