Chicken Rice at Chinatown Complex

[Saturday, 15 May, 2010]

It was a different start of the day for I did not feel like sleep early despite I knew I could not really doze off easily. I kept working till a couple of hours before sunrise.

In the evening, my mum and I walked to Chinatown to meet my elder brother and his girlfriend for dinner. We were aiming for the chicken rice near the escalator and having missed it a couple of times previously, we managed to get half a chicken after a long queue. While waiting, we saw a dish collector chatting away with customer despite the tables were in a mess. When my mum went over to approach her to help to clear up our table, she claimed that she was not in charge of our area. A foreign looking guy with a few piercing around his face showed a total attitude but he did not seem to look at me when I was trying to show him appreciation by smiling.

We did not have a long night out. After dinner, we went to the NTUC for a short while before reaching home at 8.30pm.

It was another boring day despite it was a weekend; I felt like a forgotten soul. The aching of my upper body caused irritation to me.


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