Dinner at Golden Mile Steamboat

[Saturday, 22 May, 2010]

Since my mum was at Johor, I slept alone in the room. My stomach was playing tricks on me and together with the mindful of thoughts over everything on earth, including all the unhappy things, I could not doze off.

I woke up in the afternoon, feeling the day would be wasted again. I started doing my daily work, especially on the Facebook marketing. My extreme late breakfast was cereal in the late afternoon before my mum returned.

My elder brother suggested having curry fish head but since I disliked it, he suggested Golden Mile steamboat, which had somehow came into my mind just seconds before he mentioned it, even though I was not really thinking of dining there.

The four of us took bus 196 to near Nicoll Highway and walked past the Concourse before reaching Golden Mile. It was very crowded and we could only find a very small table. We ordered the $28 bucks set together with twenty satay, which cost $0.50 per stick. It was a very expensive dinner with the small portion of food. Nothing was really tasteful to me except for the chicken rice. The place simply smelt of too many memories of my father.

We passed by the army market and took bus 145 home.


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