Dinner with Elvin after Two Years

[Thursday, 27 May, 2010]
I was quite lazy to leave my house in the late afternoon. As usual, I was more determined and inspired every time when I was rushing to leave the house, but too bad I had to proceed on.
This time, Elvin asked me out for dinner and since I was always not free for the past two years, I did not want to reject his offer. We were arranging to meet up at IMM and I decided to go back to ITE Clementi to meet him, which was more convenient.
I went to the PosBank ATM to withdraw some for my UOB account since I used some when purchasing the air-conditioner. However, the machine gave me all ten dollar notes and when I went to the UOB cash deposit machine, there was a queue and an uncle even cut my queue when I was able to give up.
The carpark of my ex company was very deserted. I met Jonathan Cheong who was inside the car and he told me it was “family day” and everyone was allowed to leave at 5pm, and that explained why it was so quiet. Hirman and Mrs Grace Cheong were leaving the campus then. I met others like Jonathan Siah and Alamelu, and I decided to go up to the staffs room to wait for Elvin.
It was just nice that I met Joei at the door and I remembered I owed Hirman money, and I passed them to her. I tried to ask Mei Hoe along for the dinner but she refused to join in. When Elvin called me, I walked down with Diana to the carpark to find him.
We went IMM and he gave me a treat. Then, he taught me a bit about watches. In the end, we went to West Coast Park to walk around to digest the heavy food and I was quite amazed with the scenery after the construction work was finished by the side of the sea. After that, he dropped me at Clementi MRT station and I took the train home.

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